Torquay Reserves

Torquay Reserves

This surfing town is home to iconic surf brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver and is the official start point of the Great Ocean Road. Torquay is world famous for its surf culture and boasts some of the best waves on the Surf Coast.

Previously called Spring Creek, Torquay was renamed after settler James Follett from Torquay (the seaside resort in Devonshire, England) suggested the name change in 1892.

Located 100km south-west of Melbourne, Torquay is the perfect location for a relaxing weekend escape, or an action packed getaway. From the calming waves to the big swells and all things in between, Torquay is fast becoming the destination of choice for holidaymakers.


Aboriginal Traditional Owners

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria – including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters. Further information is available from Aboriginal Victoria and First Nations Legal & Research Services.

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee manages 11km of Torquay coastal reserves from Point Impossible to Bones Road (just before Bells Beach).

Torquay Reserves

Environmental volunteer groups in the region

Friends of Deep Creek work collaboratively with the Surf Coast Shire to restore and maintain the indigenous vegetation of the Deep Creek Nature Reserve. Formed in 1997 the group works from the start of Deep Creek Track to the highway and is looking to expand their work area to the other side of the highway as well.

The group primarily focuses on removing invasive weed species to help encourage native vegetation to thrive in the landscape.

Working bees | First Sunday of the month at 10:00am.

Contact | John Tatnell on 0429431598 or

The Friends of Jan Juc Creek rally to protect the reserve from the edge of the Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park down to Duffields Road, mainly concentrating on the area between the Domain and Torquay Boulevard.

Founded in 2006, the group has completed several works in the area and have successfully secured a $500,000 grant to conduct the ‘daylighting project’. This project aims to improve the water quality and biodiversity of the creek by restoring the area to a more natural state.

The group works closely with the Surf Coast Shire and will use the funding to help decommission underground drainage pipes to enable storm water to flow to the surface of the creek.

The group also conducts working bees to focus on weed management, tree planting, daylighting the creek beds and water improvement for the flora and fauna. They also help promote environmental awareness and education in the community.

Contact | Octavia Chabrier on 0439510269 or

The Friends of Taylor Park are an informal volunteer group who work collaboratively with GORCC to perform weed eradication and revegetation in Taylor Park, Torquay.

The group works to keep the park to a high standard for tourists and locals alike, removing fallen bark, invasive weeds and other tasks as required to beautify the area.

The group emphasises the social enjoyment of volunteering with a morning tea and a chat at every working bee.

Working bees | Second Saturday every month (except January) 10.00am

Contact | Ian Convery on 0418 386 190 or

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Founded by two dedicated locals in 1994, Jan Juc Coast Action has grown to include 90 members with around 20 volunteers attending each working bees. The group works to preserve and revegetate the Jan Juc coastline with indigenous species. Major works have been completed to remove invasive woody weeds over the years and revegetate with indigenous flora.

The group also works with GORCC to help deliver erosion control programs and the provision of tracks and lookouts.

In 2015 the group launched an interactive, online plant database for the Surf Coast designed to help the community identify weeds and choose indigenous species for their gardens via

Meetings | First Sunday of every month, 10.00am (except in January)

Contact | Luke Hynes on 0406 113 438 or email

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Surfers Appreciating the Natural Environment 

SANE has been providing quality ecological stewardship for the Bells Beach Reserve since 1988. With more than 100 volunteers, the group aims to combat the biggest threats to the environment which includes human impacts stemming from the growing population pressure between Bells Beach and Point Addis.

Increased recreational activity, urbanization and tourism in the area have added extra challenges for the group who aim to reduce the presence of garden plant weeds and feral animals.

Projects include restoring the indigenous habitat for endangered species such as the Rufous Bristlebird and Swamp Antechinus. SANE works with Parks Victoria and the Surf Coast Shire to encourage corporate entities and other groups to get involved and help preserve the natural environment.

Working bees | Second Sunday of each month, 10:00am-12:30pm

Locations vary

Contact | Graeme Stockton on 0425 752 648

Website |


Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network (SCIPN) is a Landcare Network operating along the surf coast from Barwon Heads to Anglesea and within the inland plains between Connewarre and Lake Modewarre. The region takes in the catchments of the Thompsons Creek and Spring Creek.

The group aims to coordinate and facilitate cooperation between Landcare groups, friends groups, environmental groups and the community to preserve, restore and protect the environment as well as promote sustainable land management.

They have also been working on promoting river health with the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority to improve the state of refuge habitats for the threatened Yarra Pygmy Perch.  The project involves landholders revegetating the riparian zone of the Thompson Creek with native species in order to contribute to the protection and enhancement of water quality and native fish populations.

SCIPN in conjunction with a local artist has developed a three part series of collectible wildlife cards which feature some of the Surf Coast’s unique and wonderful fauna. Find out more on our blog here.

Find out more on their website here.

Working bees as required.

Contact | Murray Johns 0455 500 542

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The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of oceans, waves and beaches for all people worldwide. Surfrider has local branches all across Australia and the world to help look after the coast through their CARE motto: Conservation, Activism, Research and Education.

The Surf Coast branch was established in the early 90s in response to the growing development and use of the local beaches.

With around 200 supporters in the local Surfrider network, the group works between Breamlea and Anglesea and often support other environment volunteers in the region including SANE and the Friends of groups.

Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast focus on the protection of the natural landscape and waterways, the management of space on the coast, advocate for stronger positive environmental policies and educate schools and other groups to share the message to be at one with the ocean.

Join network of interested and motivated people who share a common aim!

Contact | Darren Noyes-Brown on 0411 552 447 or 

Facebook | Website

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A key volunteer group in Torquay, Torquay Coast Action was formed in 1995 to tackle the invasive woody weeds and rejuvenate the sparse land from Point Impossible to Point Danger. Torquay Coast Action provides knowledge building opportunities and hands on participation to improve coastal environments.

After volunteering with the Jan Juc Coast Action group, founder Glenda Shomaly decided to start environmental working bees at the eastern end of Torquay, tackling popular Torquay sites including the Deep Creek river mouth, Voss’s Car Park, and Horseshoe Bend Road.

Major revegetation and woody weed removal works have transformed the sites to be high habitat zones for native wildlife.

Meetings | Fourth Sunday of every month (except January) at a pre-arranged location along the coast at 10:00am.
Contact | Glenda Shomaly on 5261 6266.

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Committed to inspiring people to engage in environmentally sustainable management of agriculture, habitat, biodiversity and natural resources. Speakers and field trips are organised throughout the year, as well as an annual rabbit program.

Torquay Landcare Group is a not-for-profit community based organisation that has been working in area of Torquay and its environs since its official Incorporation in 1990.

With more than 50 members, Torquay Landcare Group has worked on a number of projects including:

  • Anglesea dune revegetation program
  • Larcombes Roadside Reserve
  • Ocean Acres Reserve
  • East Spring Creek
  • Bowman Track/ Spring Creek revegetation program
  • Greenfields Reserve stage one (Moriac)

Contact | The secretary, PO Box 431, Torquay 3228

For further information on Torquay and what’s on in the region, check out the local visitor information centre located at Surf City Plaza, 77 Beach Road.


Great Ocean Road Coast Committee

On 1 December 2020 GORCC transitioned to the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority. Please visit: