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Anglesea Family Caravan Park

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee resumed operation of the Anglesea Family Caravan Park on 1 July 2017.

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As a community-based, not-for-profit organisation, all funds raised through Great Ocean Road Coast commercial operations go back into the community through park investment, environment and education programs.

GORCC staff during recent consultation


Media Release 29 December 2016 – Great Ocean Road Coast Committee prepares to take back management of Anglesea Family Caravan Park

Media Release (Minister D’Ambrosio) 26 January 2017 – Report: Anglesea Caravan Park Tender Met Guidelines.

About the park

Great Ocean Road Coast is committed to:

  • Maintaining the park to at least current standards, delivering a multi-million dollar investment package back into the park
  • Retaining what people love about the park – safe, secure and family-friendly
  • Ensuring all surplus income will go back into the park, community and the coastline
  • Retaining local business and tourism arrangements
  • High levels of customer service through the transition period
  • Our commitment is to maintain the park at least current standards and minimise disruption.

We will be working throughout 2017 and beyond to ensure this process and transition is as seamless as possible.

Our senior management team has decades of experience in hospitality, caravan park, environmental and public land management.  Over and above the park investment, Great Ocean Road Coast will deliver a minimum of $1.6 million of profits per annum back into the caravan parks, coast and community.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all funds raised through Great Ocean Road Coast commercial operations go back into the community through park investment, environment and education programs.

Great Ocean Road Coast has an ongoing commitment to tourism and business in the Anglesea community through:

  • supporting a number of local events such as Surf Coast Marathon, Rock2Ramp Swim, Surf Coast Century, Roo Run and Grommet Gallop and surf carnivals
  • partnering with community groups for years of conservation and revegetation work across the coast with ANGAIR, volunteers and school groups
  • working with the local surf schools to re-issue surf school licences at Anglesea to support the local surf school industry and local camp accommodation providers
  • funding $100,000 works to address safety concerns with the Anglesea beach access ramp
  • contributing to the salaries of the professional life guards employed by the Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club
  • leasing the successful Bombora’s Kiosk at Point Roadknight
  • funding the $1.7m build of the Surf Coast Walk and the boardwalk along park-riverbank boundary
  • running our community partnership, Fresh Air Kids Program, with local families, learning through playing in nature.

Management team

Ray Palmer and Jacki Middleton

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How are bookings going for 2018?

We have had almost 99 per cent of peak season campsites booked with us for 2018.
Over 400 people attended our 15 open houses in Anglesea in 2017.

Why are you removing assets?

Assets will remain.  We understand the park facilities are a large part of the appeal at the park and are committed to maintaining these high standards.

What are Great Ocean Road Coast’s intentions for the park?

All of Great Ocean Road Coast’s parks require a master plan.  One of the aims of these plans is to identify where investment is needed to improve the caravan park, over and above the maintenance and operations.  Decisions in the master planning process will be in consultation with park users and the community.

What experience do you have in park managament?

Great Ocean Road Coast manage the Lorne and Torqauy Foreshore Caravan Parks. Our senior management team has decades of experience in hospitality, caravan park, environmental and public land management.

We will now deliver a minimum of $1.6 million of profits per annum back into the caravan parks, coast and community.

What if I’ve already got a permit?

At the time of change of management, no current guests, campers or permit holders will be disadvantaged.  We will work closely with campers and community through the transition process.

What about park staff?

Park staff have transferred across to work with Great Ocean Road Coast.

How do you set fees?

Camping must remain affordable, which applies to annual lease holders as well as casual campers.  Fees for 2017/18 will be the same as at 21/12/2016.

Will it still be a caravan park?

Yes, the area is gazetted for this purpose in legislation.

What are your current park rules?

These are the current rules for the Torquay and Lorne Foreshore Caravan Parks.  New rules will be developed in consultation with Anglesea campers.

Once a van reaches 30 years of age will owners have the right to replace or will they get removed?

The 30 year rule exists at Torquay and Lorne caravan parks and it is our intention to have a uniform approach across the organisation. However, we have a minimum standard policy for older vans. Vans will be independently assessed annually and a repair list prepared as necessary. Owners can, if they wish, be present at the time of inspection. Owners then have a reasonable time to rectify issues under Great Ocean Road Coast’s 30 year rule. Caravans over 30 years of age can remain if they meet the thirty year minimum standard, quality and safety criteria.

Is there an intention to adopt a ballot system for the casual campers?

The ballot system is State Government policy. It is based around an objective of ensuring minimum turnover of park customers that allow new customers to visit. There is no ballot system in place at our current parks at Lorne or Torquay as we can demonstrate adequate turnover at these parks. We recognise the strong social importance and connection for long-standing guests.

What is the complaints or issues resolution process?

Issues raised will be addressed and dealt with by the appointed park manager as per our current procedures for issues management. Appeals can be made to Great Ocean Road Coast’s senior management and ultimately, if not resolved, the Chief Executive Officer.

What was the tender process?

Given the size of the park, and the probable interest from other parties in having an opportunity to take up the next Crown land lease, an expression of interest and select tender process were undertaken. Independent probity advisors oversaw all aspects of the process. With a potential multi-million dollar net income shortfall over the life of the lease, we then authorised the end of the tender project, having not found an acceptable value offer for the State. As a consequence of the decision the committee then considered the option of assuming management of the park at the expiration of the life of the lease in December 2017. Probity advisors Pitcher Partners noted the process as “fair and reasonable”.

Did you award yourself the tender?

No. The tender process ended without finding an acceptable value offer for the State. As designated land manger, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee will assume management at the end of the current lease 1 December 2017, ensuring any revenue generated goes back into the park, coast and community.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning commissioned an independent report into the tender process and provide advice to Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio in January 2017. Key findings were that Great Ocean Road Coast:

  • followed the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s guidelines for running a tender process
  • acted in accordance with its obligations to DELWP under relevant legislation and policies
  • acted in the best financial interests of Victoria
  • conducted the tender process to a high standard, including the appointment of a probity adviser
  • GORCC manages Torquay and Lorne Foreshore Caravan Parks, is adding Anglesea a monopoly on the coast?

No. There are many caravan parks along foreshores within Victoria, all managed by Committees of Management and, as such, the change from a private caravan park under leasehold to a committee makes it consistent with most across the state. There are also other great privately run caravan parks up and down the Great Ocean Road.

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