We work to protect the natural value of the Great Ocean Road

Our Work

The Great Ocean Road Coast aims to protect and enhance the breathtaking and iconic coastline with its diverse community, natural environment and rich cultural history as custodians for future generations.

To ensure the effective management of the Great Ocean Road foreshore on behalf of the Victorian Government, community and users, the Great Ocean Road Coast developed a set of guiding principles.

Our role is to manage Crown land reserves and their values on behalf of the State and for the use and enjoyment of the community.

The Great Ocean Road Coast believes that:

  1. The natural environment is the prime value of the Great Ocean Road Coast managed coast and its protection and enhancement is of the highest priority.
  2. The Great Ocean Road Coast managed coast has very strong community, heritage and traditional values which must be protected and enhanced.
  3. The coast’s significant economic values provide opportunities to generate resources to support the protection and enhancement of its natural, community, heritage and traditional values.
  4. The Great Ocean Road Coast managed coast should be managed in a transparent and collaborative way on behalf of and in partnership with all stakeholders, with the general community being Great Ocean Road Coast’s main ‘client’.
  5. The Great Ocean Road Coast managed coast should remain accessible and affordable for the general community to participate in a range of passive and active recreational pursuits.
  6. Fostering stewardship and volunteerism on the coast by improving awareness and understanding among stakeholders is integral to its long term sustainability.
  7. Great Ocean Road Coast’s decisions and actions should be directed by plans, strategies and other business and planning tools that have been developed in consultation with stakeholders and using rigorous information and data.
  8. Great Ocean Road Coast will be pro-active and take a lead role in promoting and facilitating the best outcomes for the coast, including advocating and lobbying others on broader issues beyond Great Ocean Road Coast’s direct responsibilities.
  9. Good governance, prudential management, organisation and structural arrangements and appropriate human and other resources are essential to ensuring Great Ocean Road Coast operates in an effective, ethical and compliant manner.
Project: Surf Coast Walk

Caravan park management

We manage the Anglesea Family, Torquay Foreshore and Lorne Foreshore Caravan Parks which help generate the majority of our revenue for the whole coastline.

Protecting the environment

The protection of the Great Ocean Road coast environment is our highest priority with more than $700,00 invested in conservation works each year. Find out more about our conservation program here.

Facilities, assets and infrastructure

We build, maintain, repair and upgrade a wide range of coastal facilities, assets and infrastructure. These include toilet amenities, walkways, carparks and more. See the latest projects on the coast here.

Outdoor Works

The outdoor rangers undertake a range of works such as beach clean ups and facility maintenance on a regular basis.

Environmental Education

We want everyone to enjoy and protect our beautiful coast so we offer environmental education for all ages and abilities. Find out about our programs here.

Community Engagement

We are committed to transparently communicating and engaging with the community to help manage the coast. Read the latest media releases here.


As a small organisation with a big job to do – and even bigger aspirations – we simply can’t do it alone. Find out more about how to get involved and volunteer here.

What we do