Lorne Foreshore Master Plan

Lorne Foreshore Master Plan


The Lorne foreshore is an area of Crown land managed by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) and is of significance socially, economically and environmentally to both locals and visitors alike.

The foreshore accommodates large public and community events including the annual Pier to Pub and biennial sculpture festival. The foreshore is subject to seasonal variation from an area of intense activity at peak holiday times, to an everyday resource for local community use.

The foreshore has a dynamic and fragile natural environment that supports ecology and habitat and is subject to coastal processes including wave action, climate change and sea level rise.

Master plan project

GORCC are currently developing a new master plan for the Lorne foreshore, as the existing master plan is now 20 years old and due for review and renewal. Through the master plan process, the previous master plan has been reviewed and the current facilities, amenities and landscape assessed. A new master plan is being developed that identifies works that will upgrade and enhance the area while considering accessibility, use and enjoyment – and guide management of the precinct over the next 10-15 years.

Following initial consultation over summer 2017, the project study area has been extended from just the central foreshore, to include the entire foreshore area bounded by Mantra Lorne complex, Mountjoy Parade and the Point Grey precinct.

Issues and opportunities

Issues and opportunities for consideration in the development of the master plan have been identified. These are summarised in our issues and opportunities plan (see below).

Key themes being considered across the foreshore include:

  • Ecology, environment and climate change
  • Access and mobility
  • Character
  • Heritage
  • Facilities, amenity and built form
  • Events and activation
  • Economic and commercial

Have your say

Throughout January and February 2019 GORCC held nine community consultation sessions across Lorne, Aireys Inlet, Anglesea and Torquay. Thank you to all who have participated, the current round of community consultation addressing issues and opportunities has now closed. Feedback received during consultation will help inform the development and design of a draft plan.

Next steps

Following consultation over summer 2018/19, the key next steps are:

  • Compile community feedback and develop draft master plan.
  • Consult on draft master plan.
  • Finalise master plan and obtain required statutory approvals.
  • Release final approved master plan.
  • Commence implementation.

Project documentation