Improving the amenity of the coast

Optional dress car park redesign | 2015

Project completed | 2015

The optional dress car park in Torquay has undergone a makeover.

Works to redesign this car park were completed by peak season 14/15.  The site receives consistently high use through the warmer periods, however it was formerly poorly drained, with less than ideal traffic layout and aesthetic.

The works saw no change to the number of parking spots, but a more functional configuration of the site.

Works included:

  • Installation of vehicle wheel stops
  • Installation of barriers to contain vehicles within the existing gravel area
  • Grading to improve drainage
  • Provision of drainage points

Works cost around $47,000 and were fully funded by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee. No vegetation was removed and further revegetation works will be undertaken later in 2015.

Project documentation

Concept Plan | 2004


Great Ocean Road Coast Committee

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