Beach access ramp at Anglesea Family Caravan Park

Beach access ramp at Anglesea Family Caravan Park

Works to upgrade the beach access ramp at Anglesea Family Caravan Park began in late-October 2019.

A large storm swell event damaged the existing concrete ramp in 2017, with GORCC working closely with coastal engineers to design a replacement structure since then.

The new ramp allows access for users of wheelchairs, prams, bikes and small unpowered watercraft such as kayaks.

The ramp is built from a non-slip fibre reinforced material and runs southwards parallel to the cliffs. The existing concrete has been reinforced and protected from further damage with basalt rock matching the existing coastal protective rock wall.

The works were funded by GORCC’s Capital Works Program and a $150,000 Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Coastal Environments Grant Program grant.


In late 2016, GORCC and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning built a sloping rock wall to address erosion and public safety concerns immediately north of the Anglesea Caravan Park Beach Access Ramp. Community consultation was undertaken as a part of this project and found that the concrete ramp was not suitable for use by larger boats and that Pt Roadknight was the preferred location for launching such craft.

The consultation found that access for wheelchairs, kayaks, prams, bikes and people of all mobility levels was desired by the community. Access for emergency services and stretchers was also found to be highly desirable.

In June 2017 a large storm swell event seriously damaged the existing aged concrete ramp and coastal engineers have now designed a replacement structure. The new structure will make the existing concrete ramp safer plus provide safe access for a range of users.

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