Addressing transport issues on the coast

Coastal User Transport Strategy | 2015

Project completed | 2015

Great Ocean Road Coast has developed a strategy for addressing transport issues on the coast.

How people get to the coast was identified as an issue as part of the process to prepare the Great Ocean Road Coast’s Coastal Management Plan (CMP). In response, an action to develop a transport strategy for the coast was identified in the CMP. Work to develop this strategy commenced in 2014.

In mid-2015 following several phases of development and extensive consultation, a final strategy was released. The strategy was prepared for Great Ocean Road Coast by engineering consultants GHD and will assist us in better managing car park access, demand, upgrades and maintenance along the coast as well as other associated issues.

The strategy is both important and timely given the predicted increased demand on coastal infrastructure as population on and visitation to the coast continues to increase.

Project documentation

Coastal User Transport Strategy | 2015

Appendices | 2015


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