Scientific monitoring

Scientific monitoring

Scientific monitoring is a fantastic way for students to understand the dynamic nature of the coastal environment.  Ranging from taking measurements along a transect line to measuring beach slopes, these monitoring activities give students an introduction to various scientific surveys real environmental scientists perform.

Upper primary and secondary

Students gain an introduction to various scientific surveys. These are more suitable for older students however can be tailored for primary ages as well. Perfect for VCE Geography and Environmental Science subjects and ongoing programs.

Flora survey

  • Plant and weed identification skill development
  • Biodiversity and coastal ecology topics

Rabbit abundance survey

  • Ecology of introduced species
  • Impacts of rabbits on the local ecosystem
  • Monitoring

Dune recession and laser beach slope survey

  • Dynamic nature of the coastal environment
  • Coastal erosion
  • Evaluation of environmental factors affecting the coast

Dune organic matter content survey

  • Unique flora and fauna of the dune environment
  • Exploration of dune habitat
  • Understand the unique role of the flora and fauna in the ecosystem

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