Dune ecology

Dune ecology

Sand dunes are the first line of defence against coastal impacts, including storms and beach erosion and are one of Victoria’s most sensitive habitats. These important ecosystems are an essential part of our education programs and can be tailored for different age groups.

Kindergarten to early primary level

At these early stages the children will enjoy getting out and playing in the environment. It is a sensory experience.

  • Sensory activities: Looking at texture, listening to waves and feeling the sand
  • Looking at what belongs and what doesn’t by separating beach treasures from plastic pollution
  • Discovering ‘beach treasures’ to explore animal life cycles and how they move around
  • Discovering the story of the ocean by combing the high tide line for beach treasures

A close look and feel of our coastal animal artefacts (‘beach treasures’) will allow students to begin to explore animal life cycles and how they move around.

Upper Primary and Secondary

The program for older levels enriches and explores the major coastal concepts in greater depth:

  • Exploring how the tides are caused by the forces of gravity and how they are predicted
  • Sorting our discoveries while beach combing into separate groups such as colour, living and non-living
  • Sand dunes as important and unique habitats
  • Connections between the various plants and animals in the dunes – for example competition and predation relationships
  • Adaptations of the plants and animals which allow them to live on the coast
  • Human impacts on the environment through tourism pressure
  • Management of the coast by GORCC
  • Coastal erosion and change over time.

All throughout our activities the leader will be asking focus questions targeting the appropriate level for the age group. Students will be encouraged to consider their impact on the coast and take part in discussions.


Great Ocean Road Coast Committee

On 1 December 2020 GORCC transitioned to the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority. Please visit: www.greatoceanroadauthority.vic.gov.au.