Friends of the Surf Coast Walk

Friends of the Surf Coast Walk are being sought - everyone's invited and there's plenty of ways to be involved.

What role/s can members play? 
Roles members can play are varied and will evolve over time but at present it is envisaged that members can choose to do any of the following:

1. Monitoring the track as part of your normal recreational use of it, and reporting back any issues (e.g. degraded sections, overgrown areas, weeds etc.).  Monitoring could be done either regularly or opportunistically (e.g. when you happen to be out on a walk).

Members will be able to quickly and easily report back to whichever agency is responsible for that part of the track. Management boundaries are as follows: 

  • Pt Impossible to Bones Rd (Bells Beach) - GORCC
  • Bones Rd to Southside carpark - Surf Coast Shire (SCS)
  • Southside carpark to Anglesea sewage treatment plant - Parks Victoria (PV)
  • Anglesea sewage treatment plant to O'Donohue Rd - GORCC
  • O'Donohue Rd to Boundary Rd - PV
  • Boundary Rd to Inlet Cres - GORCC
  • Inlet Cres to Great Ocean Road bridge - SCS
  • Great Ocean Road bridge to Fairhaven SLSC - GORCC

2. Undertaking volunteer work.  For example, this might include minor track maintenance work, litter collection, trimming overgrowth or trackside planting/rehabilitation. This will mostly be carried out as occasional organised activities.

3. Guiding, promotional and administrative assistance.  In the longer term, there may be the option of getting involved in some guiding, promotional or administrative work (e.g. assisting to seek external funding).



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How do I get involved?
If you think you or your friends would like to play a role in track monitoring or maintenance, contact our office and we will discuss your interest in the group and what kind of role you might like to play:
Phone: (03) 5220 5055