Identifying the enemies

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Find out what our worst coastal invaders look like - and they all start off in the garden!

Is your garden a haven for the weeds currently invading our coast? You might be surprised to learn that the following popular garden plants - and many others - are among the worst coastal invaders. As such they represent the biggest threat to our indigenous vegetation and native fauna habitats.

If your garden is currently harbouring these enemies, now is the time to weed them out completely and plant local native species in their place. You can find out more information about environmental weeds and appropriate indigenous species by contacting us on 03 5220 5055 or via email. Surf Coast Shire and many local community groups also offer helpful information and advice about coast-friendly gardening.

The Surf Coast Shire has produced a helpful booklet: Environmental Weeds: Invaders of our Surf Coast which is available for download here.

 Bluebell Creeper Cape Wattle (L-R) Bluebell Creeper and Cape Wattle
Coast Tea Tree Coprosma or Mirror Bush (L-R) Coast Tea Trea and Coprosma
Italian Buckthorn Pelargonium (L-R) Italian Buckthorn and Pelargonium
Pittosporum Polygala (L-R) Pittosporum and Polygala

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