Marine animals on beaches

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What to do if you sight a seal or other marine animal on the seashore.

Marine animals such as seals and penguins sometimes come on to the beach for various reasons - work, rest, recovery or play.

While we humans (and our canine friends) may want to get up close and personal during such shore visits, this is often not in the best interests of the animals themselves.

If you sight a marine animal that is alive and appears to just 'be doing its thing', please steer clear and leave it alone - some marine animals, such as seals, can become aggressive or highly stressed if disturbed by curious humans or dogs.

If the animal appears to be stressed or injured you can call Wildlife Victoria's emergency phone service on 1300 094 535 to report its location and they will assist you to get in touch with the nearest wildlife rescue shelter.


For information on when to report a seal or to view a seal identification chart download the Department of Sustainability and Environment's "Seals and People" brochure here.