More ways to protect the coast

About this page

Simple steps you can take to help look after the coast so you and others can enjoy it today - and for many years to come.

We all love the coast and it is vitally important that we all do our bit to look after it, whether we\'re just visiting for a day or two or are lucky enough to live here all year round. Please show your respect through the following easy actions.

  • Car parking
    It\'s always hard to find a park along the coast in summer, especially when the weather is good and the surf is up! Please read signs carefully and park appropriately. Don\'t park on or adjacent to yellow lines painted along kerbs and roadsides as the lines designate no standing zones. Respect other drivers and pedestrians too.
  • General etiquette and respect for others
    We believe our coast is there for everyone to enjoy and encourage you to take advantage of all that it offers while respecting the different needs of others. Please don\'t let your behaviour impact negatively on how other people experience and enjoy the coast.
  • Keep to the tracks
    Our coastline is blessed with kilometres of walking tracks in the towns and along the coast, which enable everyone to enjoy the coastal environment with minimum disturbance to our precious flora and fauna. Some tracks are \'shared trails\', making them suitable for bike riding and wheelchair access as well as pedestrians.
  • Look out for others
    With the huge numbers of visitors, there are always lots of people around. If you\'re in the car, please look out for pedestrians, especially kids!
  • New Years Eve
    Our coastal towns aim to be \'glass free\' over the New Year period. Please give some thought to the proper disposal of the containers your drinks are in, and make glass-free purchases where possible.
  • Rubbish
    Please don\'t litter. Take your rubbish home or use one of the garbage bins. Better still, recycle! And remember all our beaches are now smoke and glass-free.  Read more about illegal rubbish dumping, and a study being undertaken by the CSIRO to track the source of rubbish.
  • Schoolies
    While the end of secondary school is a time to celebrate and chill-out with mates, school leavers can also do their bit to look after our beautiful coast by respecting the environment and the community living here. The Surf Coast Shire actively enforces its local laws all year round, including issuing fines for anti-social and disruptive behaviour, littering and other offences.