Coastal User Transport Strategy

GORCC is preparing a coastal user transport strategy to address current transport issues.

About the Coastal User Transport Strategy
GORCC has engaged engineering consultants GHD to carry out the investigations and prepare the strategy document. A discussion paper was previously prepared and released for consultation as a key step in the project. The feedback received on the discussion paper, and the results and findings of other project stages, has been used to prepare a draft version of the strategy. The draft strategy has now been released for consultation. You can download and view the draft strategy via the link to the right of this screen.

Why is the strategy necessary?
How people get to the coast was identified as an issue as part of the process to prepare GORCCs Coastal Management Plan, and resulted in the development of the transport strategy being identified as an action in the CMP. The final strategy is intended to improve how people get to the coast and management of associated issues.

What is meant by the term ‘transport’?
In this project and draft strategy, the term ‘transport’ means the way in which people get to the coast. It does not include how they then gain access onto the beach itself. For example, if someone drives to the beach, ‘transport’ means the journey from their point of departure (e.g. their home) to the car park at their chosen beach. It does not include their journey on foot from the car park to the beach.

Cars are by far the most common form of transport to the coast and this is expected to continue. While the scope of this project and strategy covers all transport modes, including the identification of suitable alternatives to cars, there is a strong focus on this particular form of transport. assist GORCC in better managing car park access, demand, upgrades and maintenance along the coast. This is an important and timely process given the predicted increased demand on coastal infrastructure as population on and visitation to the coast continues to increase.

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Draft strategy released (January 2015): 
Draft Strategy Part 1
Draft Strategy Part 2
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View the January 2014 discussion paper:
Coastal User Transport Strategy Discussion Paper
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