Fact sheets

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Information about the committee and various aspects of our work.

A plan to tackle weeds
An overview of our Native Vegetation and Weed Action Plan .

Who is GORCC? 
Who we are, what we do, how we are funded and when to contact us.

Meet the committee
An overview of the role and responsibilities of the committee and an introduction to our 12 voluntary committee members.

Partnerships & working with others
Collaboration with the community and partnerships with a wide range of groups, agencies and organisations is integral to our work. 

Protecting our endangered hooded plovers
Information about this vulnerable bird species

What\'s the deal with the new Surf Coast Walk?
An introduction to this major coastal project

Click here to access more fact sheets, including:

  • Beach nesting birds:  Facts about birds that need beaches to breed on our coast.
  • Climate variability:  An overview of potential climate change effects temperatures and their impacts on coastal communities.
  • Waves and Beaches: Investigate tides and waves and their influence on the coastline.
  • Coastal Dunes:  Find out about the importance of dunes, how they are formed, what causes disturbance and rehabilitation processes.



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